10 Replies to “How To Bid On Copart”

  1. Hey, thanks for the vid. I noticed you are bidding on the California cars while being in Kentucky. If you were to win were you going to ship them to Kentucky ? Also, can you suggest a good car haulers. THanks.

  2. So you put 400 in deposit & it gives you 4000 bidding power. Do you buy outside of California so you don't have to have none of that bullshit they ask for???

  3. that pontiac is a Australian build car only difference is the front grill Australian car has a slightly different grill that one looks much better compare to our cars.

  4. I wouldn’t even get this car. Did you google the vin at least? I hope you didn’t pay 8k.. this is an auction flip. Google the vin and check out the pix to see the damage this car had. Really hope you didn’t pay up 8k. 😬😶

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