36 Replies to “How to Eat Sushi at a Restaurant”

  1. Japanese people usually drink the Sake with Ochoko cups. To drink Sake with water grasses looks like to drink Shanpen with beer grasses. And you should not drip your Sushi rice to soy source, only drip Sushi-neta.

  2. I eat sushi/sashimi maybe once every 2 or 3 years. It's one of the best tasting things however it's really expensive and you typically don't get much for the price. Never do I feel full afterwards. Chinese takeout dishes are much better in both regards.

  3. Sooooo basically ask how old everyone is before u walk into a sushi bar/restaurant so u don't look like a fool? Check.

    Also what if the oldest was a little person and the youngest a tall person? Lower ur glasses and one raised?

  4. How to eat sushi: Step 1: Apply however much/little soy sauce, wasabi, ginger you like to your taste Step 2: Eat Step 3: Tell idiots who think they can tell you how best to enjoy your sushi to f-off. Cultural etiquette – like not rubbing chopsticks together, not blowing your nose, being rude to the chef, etc. – are a different matter.

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