How To Find Parking for a Tiny House? – 5 Useful Tips!

In this video we share 5 tips and ideas on how to find parking for a tiny house. Tiny houses are illegal in many places, sometimes because they don’t meet the …


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  1. Bank pay government to make tiny(small) houses illegally, if everybody can buy(build) cheap tiny house and put everywhere banks and government would shut down because than they couldn’t rip off people anymore, can you imagine what could happen to banks if 98 population in usa have own small house without mouthy payments, how much money banks will lose.

  2. The reason tiny houses are illegal in most places is because the tiny people who live in them have tine minds . They can only see tiny things and dream tiny dreams . They have tiny pets and tiny tots too . and all day long they take tiny naps and tiny walks and they drink tiny drinks and drive tiny cars .

  3. I read some RV parks wouldn't accept tiny houses unless they were Rvia certified because there insurance for there business wouldn't cover the tiny houses if something happened to them or there own property 🤔

  4. Hello guys, I am sorry for being direct but after watching this I am simply shocked. Until now I enjoyed following this channel but just now realized you North American ppl (both Canadians and US citizens) live in a really messed up countries. I live in Europe and for me it's unthinkable that a government would regulate how I can or cannot live my life, on my own property, in my own car/van/RV/vessel/vehicle/whatever or on my own land. It's fundamentally taking away your freedom to choose how you want to live. Minimal house size? Tiny houses become legal? In the beginning I was laughing but seconds after that I felt pity & sorry.
    Once again I don't mean to offend in any way, only pointing out this absurd that must stop ASAP.

  5. Let's get together and buy in communities…

    Please don't keep trailers in RV parks out of the new tiny home movement because you are not better than us. We're all creative, smart people who know how to live cheaper than others, and we need to stick together and be friends. If I start to see tiny parks segregate out RV's or trailers, which I am now, I will inform people how cheap a brand new bunkhouse travel trailer costs compared to these things that you can't stand up in. #tinylivingforall

  6. I think tiny houses on wheels look so much cozy and attractive than vehicles, but that's just my taste… but yes thank you for this video very informative.

  7. good job on getting this info out there. so many folks are charmed by the idea of tiny living, but don't research the restrictions (including not being able to get it insures and the limited # of times they should be moved, not to mention the reality of small water heaters, heating and cooling, water, waste). I would suggest staying in one first or even look into buying a mobile home instead.

  8. I'd be interested in knowing how much these tiny houses built on trailer chassis weigh, and whether anyone actually tows them over public roads. I assume most of the 16' – 20' trailers have a carrying capacity of around two thousand pounds. Maybe you could include these questions when you interview tiny house owners.
    In the American southwest, there are RV parks catering specifically to 'park models' of travel trailers, meaning travel trailers designed to be towed to a park, and never subsequently moved. They have no on-board holding tanks for fresh, grey, or black water, and usually have standard 120 volt electrical systems. Retirees live in these communities full time. They would seem to be an ideal place for a tiny house on wheels.
    Thanks for your excellent videos, and Happy Camping!

  9. Tiny house neighborhoods are the solution, just as we have townhouse neighborhoods, small house neighborhoods, large house neighborhoods. Having houses of widely varying sizes in a neighborhood negatively affects property values. Tiny house neighborhoods can be more like townhouse or apartment communities with some shared facilities.

  10. Rules in the UK ARE VERY STRICT, that's odd as there is a huge housing shortage. I own a small piece of land that also has it's own water supply. I'm not going any where Council have tried moving me & stated they can fine me up to £5000 if I don't move off my own land. That's crazy because I'm sick & they would have to rehouse me by law & they would have to pay my rent. I've had this problem many years ago & it can take 10 years for them to move me on if I give up the fight but I'm not & by 10 years time I would legally not need Council planing for change of use. When your ill the planners must give you time but time can be a very long time. Also state your wanting to return to traveling as you did in your past ( even if you where never a traveler) . Travellers have a lot more legal rights then normal people tell the council if you feel you must your intention,s but go know where. As long as you keep the area tidy , Litter free, & don't annoy local people there is not much that can be done as all councils have had huge cash cuts & court costs are expensive I don't believe they would take the gamble of losing the case. My mate pretends to be mentally ill & has never been moved on they stopped sending letters to him many years ago & they should he does no harm like myself on our small bits of land we own not any council.

  11. Does this can also apply on building a tiny house? It would be nice if you guys make a video on tips and advice on someone want to start to build one.

  12. New subscriber just found your channel, like the content. Thanks for the video. Btw I just started a new channel. Going to be covering gardening, canning, chickens for eggs/meat, woodworking, gun reviews, atv, and pigs this summer. Please come on over and check it out if your interested and please subscribe could use the support starting out. Thanks

  13. I ask our township office if I could have a tiny home on my land. He said it would be better if it didn't have wheels, maybe on skids. Mat & Danielle its lovely you can do this and share your videos, so many adventures.

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