35 Replies to “How to get into a Car Dealer Auction without a License – Flying Wheels –”

  1. Does it really cost that much to help friends and family? I’m not trying to accuse you or anything but I don’t know it just seems like an awful lot to help out people that your so close too.

  2. I like your channel, just found it. I hear you on the fee stuff so don’t worry about the negative stuff. Your channel is informative

  3. Hi, thanks for your videos. I'm thinking of selling cars and getting my dealer license. However here in Florida the law seems to state that I need a dealer license if I want to just sell 2 cars in a 12 month period. My question is, how did you manage to sell cars before you got your dealer license? Am I able to somehow sell cars first and try it out before I go through all the hassle of getting the license?

  4. people are stupid as a bag of rocks. I totally understand paying you something for allowing me to get the deal. These folks act like you do this shit for fun lol

  5. Got to go a few times and also worked for Brother's Auto Action as a repo man. I asked a couple times if I could buy and they let me. The rule was I couldn't sell it for a year. I kept both for over 3 years each. I knew I was a lucky person.

  6. I want you to change your sex, is it possible? See, if you live in NYC it's an established fact there are 32 different genders, yep, so er just changing your sex once shouldn't be problematic, right? It's not like I'm asking for 5 changes of sex, nothing like that, just one, say from a man (you do identify as a man O.o) to a woman, k? K so next I see you you'll be called Claire and dressed in appropriate attire, including 6 inch hot red pumps, very good!

  7. based on some comments $700 is allot for a favor, But i Understand where you are coming from, You technically don't need extra money, your just trying to use time wisely to focus on your own lot, because you go one time a week and time is better spent picking your cars for the week, so in a way its true you are doing him a favor by taking your cousin to buy him a car, but most dealers that are small time will charge $150-200 per car, plus there are many Auctions with Dealer and Public cars, with membership costing 250 to 350 bucks per year and buy all the cars you want as a public buyer, plus Auction Fees. But I understand what your Customer is Paying $700 for its your time and knowledge, you might steer him clear of potential problem car, but in ether case i agree with your logic, you must know what your time is worth, and you obviously can make more then 700 in profit for that day if you just buy your cars, cause time spent on your client to buy him a car will take away from your own cars your trying to buy

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