How to Hijack Amazon Prime Now for Good

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  1. Don't you see the irony here?!? Amazon pays lots of its workers so inadequately that a significant number of them become homeless!!! And their workplaces are so dangerous that injuries are common, and disabling injuries are frequent!!!

  2. While I laud any and all efforts to help the homeless, I found the idea of using Amazon to deliver socks to homeless people ironic, not heartwarming.

    Let's be clear: a contributing factor to our country's growing homeless population is wage suppression. Paying workers a living wage and improving workplace safety will go much further towards preventing homelessness than socks will go towards relieving its effects.

    I have no idea whether the PR bump to Amazon was something bought and paid for, an effort to attract Amazon as a client, or just more dumb luck for Bezos.

  3. I'm in awe of your charitable heart and it's wonderful to see how you're using today's technology and social media to raise the vibration of this planet. Though it may not be viral (yet) I sense you've created this video from a sense of love and without agenda. Educational videos like this one goes a lot further to influence our global community than the rubbish posted on social media today. May the Universe smile upon you and flood you with endless blessings!!!

  4. My only bit of feedback on this is, well, no matter what, Amazon is making money off of this. And while I have NO problem with a corporation making money via consciously made corporate decisions (see: Nike) this isn't the case. Amazon doesn't give 2 shits about anyone's well being, even that of their own workers. They have a long and terrible record of employee abuse world wide. To top that off Amazon has also been the driver of a new spate of locally owned small business going down. How many of those homeless folk being delivered their Amazon package are homeless because of direct or indirect action by Amazon itself? And then even in the act of doing good by a stranger, Amazon keeps making money. I don't say this lightly: Jeff Bezos has no soul, neither does Amazon, and the world overall would more than likely be better off without either.

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