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  1. Hi all! Had a couple reports of people having issues with the links. I checked the links and they seemed to be fine (the Google Play Store link is different than the others because you should always be downloading the most recent version, instead of specific versions like the other apps), but if issues continue please let me know. Thanks!

  2. Google only apps? you mean after installing the google play store I wouldn't be able to install any app they have on it? Like I would do with an android phone?

  3. When I try to install Google Services Framework (after I have followed all the steps of downloading it to the tablet) I get a message that said "There was a problem parsing the package"…I have tried to install several times, including changing the version and it comes out the same…What could it be? thanks in advanced.

  4. For some reason the download button for google play is missing where it should be at. All the other apps downloaded just can't find the google playstore download button.

  5. OMG All of the other ones (videos) I watched didn't work, and this one did! I think it is the part on rebooting the device! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  6. Okay so i tied this like 5 different times and idk if i'm downloading the right items, because mine works perfectly then i try to download anything and it just gets stuck downloading.

  7. OMG this worked! I've always thought the fire I had was an ok tablet, but the lack of apps means I didn't use it much. This hack might be about to change that.

    I'm not sure why but after several attempts using the most recent links nothing I tried worked, but using the older final link in the description provided here everything works fine. Didn't even need to reboot. Had to create a new account because I can't remember login for my old one, but that's not an issue for me.

    Thank you so much!

  8. It worked on my 8, the only thing different I had to do was download the old framework version in the video link. Every other APK is the most updated version (2019 version). For some reason the most recently updated google framework versions were not working.

  9. I have installed this, however playstore does not recognize that I have bought a specific app before, and wants to recharge me. I am using same account. If I purchase something on the fire, from the playstore, it's showing up as paid on other devices. Strange. Any ideas

  10. everything worked up to the point where when i try to install an app i press install and press accept to the terms but nothing happens do you know why?

  11. I'm taking the damn thing back to BestBuy today, I wanted to watch Directv Now app but not available, and too much hassle to install Google Play app by some back door method. It works great on FireTV Stick, don't understand why it wont on Fire Tablet. Just like Democrats & Republicans, Amazon & Google need to put the good of the public ahead of their petty differences!

  12. I am having a problem because every time I sign in it closes out and tells me to sign in. I do it over and over but it doesn't work. I had it working earlier. Have any fixes?

  13. It seems to have worked perfectly.

    The challenge is that on a new Fire Tablet, since it will not allow you to download the YouTube app until you have the Google Play Store installed, you cannot get directly to the links. That said, I guess you could use the silk browser, and watch the YouTube video via Silk (suboptimal) and get to the links from there.

  14. Followed steps. Downloaded everything. PlayStore app installed. However we are stuck on the “checking info” screen.
    Is there something we did incorrectly.?

  15. This seems to be perhaps the best video I've seen on the subject. I'd like to ask a question, but I don't know how you get the answer. 🙂 But I like to do is go through the steps of downloading the apk files onto the device, which appears to be fairly straightforward, but certainly requires a little more focus, so my question would be can I put these files on my device, and then just leave them there? If I do the downloads of other steps to say okay, today I'm ready to divorce Alexa, and turn my device into an android.? . It was not for having to give up Alexei would have done this a long time ago, but I'm not tired of her voice yet, and I find Alexa to be helpful but it would be nice to do a legwork have the files ready to go, when the mood strikes, do whatever steps are needed to make the conversion happen. I'm not worried about space on my device, I have an external card, and my device is not heavily loaded. Anyway. Just curious to know what I should do. When I finally make a choice. I suppose if anyone knows, I would get some sort of notification for which I'd be very grateful Thank you.

  16. I recently bought a Kindle Fire 10 and I installed the Play Store by following your instructions. The Android apps that I've installed have worked fine. Thanks for posting this video!

  17. I just recently bought a new Fire 10 tablet and this was such an easy tutorial to get Google. Thanks so much, if it wasn't for this option I would have been returning the tablet.

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