47 Replies to “How to Make $100 Per Day With Google Alerts (Easy Step by Step Method)”

  1. I want to appreciate that fact that you went straight to the point without going through unnecessary BS like most people do in videos like this. That's what makes you a real one. Thank you.

  2. thank u so much buddy, seriously, u just demonstrated the best way ever…i've seen many videos on clickbank..but hasn't understood any one of them properly…u just made it sound so easy nd comforting..thanks man..keep on makin videos like this..i just subscribed you..

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  4. Hey Andy! Love the video! One quick question: would you say it’s a bad idea to post the same product link on several different posts on the same blog?
    Are there particular, for example, weightloss blogs that you frequently post your links onto, or do you always try to find new blogs when using this method?

  5. I only clicked on this cause your eyebrows are fucked and your hair is even more fucked. Just thought I should let ya know. Didn't watch the video probably fucked too tho.

  6. I Like the way you explained, easy step by step, but "how to make…" title is Clickbait. Down below you say you haven't done it yourself. Not fine!

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