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  1. A couple of observations on this recipe:
    1) Active dry "instant" yeast does not need to be dissolved. It can go in the dry ingredients just like the salt.
    2) I replaced 1/3 of the bread flour with organic whole wheat flour and got great results. I did have to add a couple tablespoons more water because of the thirstier nature of the whole wheat flour.
    3) There's no reason not to remove the lid after the initial high-temp bake
    4) This bread is so simple, so fast, and so good, there's really no reason to buy bread from the store. I bake it on Friday or Saturday and my wife and I have bread for a week. Or most of a week, anyway.

    On balance this is a great video and a great recipe. I've baked my own bread for going on 4 weeks in a row and I really have no intention of stopping.
    If you're in the US and want a supermarket bread flour similar in strength to what Alex is using, I'd suggest King Arthur brand. Their standard bread flour is 12.7% protein and their organic whole wheat is 14%. When you mix them 2:1 you wind up with a great tasting bread flour with just over 13% protein, a great, nutty taste, and plenty of fiber and additional nutrition from the whole grains.

  2. I don't have fresh yeast bro…..I have active dry yeast, can I use that? If so is there a conversion rate as to how much to use….Thanks man….love the vids

  3. Hi Alex, I made the bread last night, divided the quantities into 2, as my stand mixer is not as powerful to handle 1kg of flour. I think it came out relatively well (tasted good and inside was lovely and fluffy), only issue it is too tough on the outside. I think i kneaded it for too long or maybe I should have taken it out of the oven before 1 hour. What do you think is the most likely reason?

  4. Your bread will be even better if you create your own sourdough starter instead of using instant yeast and do the second proof first bashing the dough down and proofing it over night in the fridge as it gives the fermentation process much more time to make a much tastier bread.

  5. Im SO jealous, I WISH I could get such high quality flour near my home. Modern white flour lacks all the nutrition and is rather bad for us. This whole grain, stone ground wheat is really the only way we should consume wheat, we probably wouldn't have all the wheat intollerances we have today had this been the norm.

  6. This recipe did not work so well for me. I wonder if the type of wheat makes a difference. I ground my own flour immediately before making the bread. I also wonder if my climate made a difference. I think I need more liquid. I didn't measure, but I think I used 15 ml of extra water. Maybe 20. I should do some tweaking for my climate.

  7. Hey guys I made a bread video check it out it’s on my other channel the title is (how to make a homemade bread part 1) I have more videos of other parts my channel name is kids cookin kids cookin thx peace ✌️

  8. how does the grinding method influence the amount of nutrients in flour? I demand scientific explanation with the source, or it is just bullshit

  9. Hello Alex! When I was younger I visited France on an exchange near Pont du Gard and the mother of the family would go get baguettes every morning before we woke up. Can you show us how to make an authentic French baguette? Supermarket bread sucks!!!

  10. So that was whole-grain flour? What kind of wheat was it? The flour looked too white to be normal hard red winter wheat. Thanks for the inspiring vid. The Dutch oven idea is a keeper—who the heck needs an artisanal wood-fired brick oven?? Not Alex.

  11. I made this last night, and it's great! However, I have two questions:
    1. It's a lot of bread for one, can I reduced the ingredients by half and get an equally good, but half as large loaf?
    2. This bread is great, but the bottom of the loaf is very difficult to cut, much more so than the rest of the crust. Is there a trick to a slightly softer bottom to the loaf?

  12. Love the idea of you setting up that camera, driving by, then getting out to retrieve the camera!

    Keep up the great videos! They’re very inspiring!

  13. Hi Alex! I love your videos! I tried this recipe the way you do it and the top came out nicely but the bottom of my bread burnt a little…. which modifications should I do? Should I bake it for less time, or maybe preheat the dutch oven at a lower temperature? What do you think? Thank You!!

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  15. you can make it with any pan with a lid, ducht oven doesn't at a any thing but any way a nice way of making bread ps no plastic handels they don't like ovens no need to preheat the pan (cast iron does need a bit of preheating) greating from a long time chef have good time and fun making video's so many thing to create its like art

  16. OMG tried it it works like magic:) i did however use the bread machine to mix everything 🙂 used costco flour. Soooooo delicious. Oven at 475 F 🙂 Thank you

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