45 Replies to “How To Make Butterscotch Meringue Tarts | Anna Olson Archives”

  1. Oh, Anna. I’ve been a fan of your baking even before you had a YouTube channel. As always, you amaze me! I just recently opened my cake business and I’m hoping I’ll get more inspired through your channel. Wish you the best and thank you so much for your recipes! All the love from the Philippines 🤗😘💕

  2. La mejor chef repostera del mundo!!!! 😍 😍 😍 😍 La sigo desde el 2006 con su programa de SUGAR en el canal de casa club tv y gracias a ella aprendí a hacer unos cuernitos rellenos de arándanos con nuez y los añadí a mi lista de galletas y gustan muchísimo!!! Saludos desde México mi querida chef Anna Olson 🤗😘🙏

  3. One of things I love love love about Anna's cooking is that she has no issues with getting her hands dirty or acting all fancy and robotic when cooking and baking!

  4. Lots of interesting concepts here! I’ve made butterscotch pudding, but a different method and want to try this one. Also the cooked egg yolk in the crust, and part icing sugar in the meringue, are intriguing. Have you thought about providing metric measurements in the notes? I’m seeing a lot of North American cooks doing this due to YouTube’s global audience. Would others add their country to prove a point? I’m in the USA but have gotten so used to weighing dry ingredients.

  5. Oh yum yum! I haven’t had butterscotch forever….I would love to have this! I made my love a tangelo/lemon amaretto infused pound cake and it came out lovely…she loves it…a g little ice cream on the side and in heaven….I hope u are doing well. I enjoy watching ur instruction…oh, do U make tapioca pudding? I also make my own vanilla extract…it’s so easy and after it sits for a long while there is nothing better. I also place used vanilla bean pods in my sugar jar…that is so yummy too…”waste not -want not.”

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