13 Replies to “How to make Cream Filled Pastry Rolls”

  1. Dennis, you are THE master baker! I downloaded your book and I can't thank you enough, I just love your style and the wonderful recipes, with of course your MASTER spin on many of them! Thank you! ❤

  2. Love this recipe. Tip for filling a pastry bag. Place the tip down in a tall glass then fold the edges of the bag over the outer edge of glass it helps the bag not get messy and packs the filling easier. 🙂 keep making awesome videos!

  3. Yes, the commercial Edlund is a doozie. New it would cost upwards of $500, but I watched two on Ebay. People were bidding on one, but not the other. When I saw what the reserve was, $50, I jumped in at the last moment and bought the second one for that price. Such a deal! —Dennis

  4. Holly cow, Dennis, how much you spent on that Edlund portion scale? 😀 It looks nice but can't find the DS-2 anymore, and the rest are, well, not for trailer park folks?!

  5. Try cutting the puff pastry into half inch strips, then make a spiral on the tube. Only a small detail, but wow, so much nicer. Thanks for all your videos, your passion is appreciated. Love and peace.

  6. Thanks for the feedback. Yes, all the recipes are in PDF format, with step-by-step photographs, on my web site. YouTube won't let me list the URL here (white-trash-cooking followed by a dot and then a com—let's see if that works), but the URL is at the end of my newer videos and along the bottom of my older ones. Go there and click on the Recipe Archive butter (on the left panel). All my recipes are there with links to the PDFs and to my YouTube videos. Thanks again. —Dennis

  7. Hello I'm a first time viewer and I was wondering if you have your recipes in print form? I would live to make this it looks so yummy. And ps I was hoping you would bite into that sucker lol. Thank you for the great video.

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