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  1. I’m slightly suspicious that this guy is British with a questionable French accent. Possibly Australian, I’m not sure, but I’m leaning toward Aussie.

  2. Does the 'gluten effect' only occur with wheat starch? is that why you 'gently' incorporated the egg/sugar/cornstarch mixture while whipping?….thank you sir….dr

  3. If you ever visit the United States and pass through Utah, visit Gourmandie Bakery in Salt Lake City. I have visited many French bakeries but this one is amazing-better than all of them believe it or not. They have fabulous almond bars-an almond extract sugar cookie with dark chocolate dipped on one end, palmiers, black and white cake, meringues, (I like the recipe my wife and I have for it the best though) and they did have great florentines until discontinued. I am not sure how to make suggestions. Any of those would be great. I also enjoy sugar cookies like St Michel Galettes or Pepperidge Farms Bordeaux cookies but they would be so much cheaper made at home. French bread is a lot of work for one cook unless you live out off the grid near the bears but still have access to the right flour. Even cookbooks get it wrong. All the best!

  4. I'm a recent subscriber. Love your videos and your passion for French cooking. I found your videos after watching Julie and Julia and it's inspired me to get cooking!
    Good luck with your channel and congratulations on your award 😊

  5. If you really want to be instructive show the actual amounts on the video so people can watch it with the sound off (mute)🔇🔕

  6. Thank you for a recipe that does not feed 50 people! I agree, small batches are more difficult, but I don't have that many mouths to feed anymore.

  7. Congratulations my friend. I have been browsing too many channels on French cooking, some of them even in French. You're the most down to earth, traditional (which is what I wanted), and gives me loads of confidence in trying out your great national heritage. France should thank you for promoting your beautiful country!

  8. I've used the frangipane cream as the base for an apricot tart. Frangipane is so delicious you'll want to have it all the time.

  9. Thanks to your Channel you’ve inspired my passion for cooking, my love of France & introduced me to Escoffiers “Ma Cuisine”. I can’t thank you enough. Merci mon ami

  10. I am going to make this today! A little sin during my diet. 😉 I have just read that 'Bûche de noël' is a traditional French dish for Christmas? A video would be exciting!

  11. My wife is half French. It's funny how she uses all these small French things like: "Hm..?", "Boum", "Et…voila" "Et… paf" when she is explaining something about cooking. After more than thirty years of marriage I realize I use them all even I am 100% Pole.
    Damn, maybe now I am 98% Pole 😉 Never mind – Vive La France!
    BTW – In Poland Pâte Feuilletée is called "Ciasto Francuskie" it means French Pastry

  12. Mmmm! I can smell the almonds! You gotta love someone a whole lot to make this! I might try it, but maybe for his birthday! 🙂

  13. Congratulations on your award!!! I have a question about the recipe… if I was to make smaller single serve Frangipanes, say…8 of them with same amount of this recipe, what would be the cooking time, at least the starting time, I could just watch them after the initial 428F? Again Congratulations and have a very lovely day!!! AMB…Rose

  14. MMMM love frangipane! Though I know it better in frangipane tarts made with sweet shortcrust pastry, and it's usually not like this – more spongy so it isn't real French-style frangipane.

    A plea to English-speakers. There is no such thing as creme patisserie. It's creme patissiere. I hear people say "creme patisserie" too often and it annoys me because that makes no sense.

    Are the temperatures for a fan oven or a non-fan oven? (Or to Americans, are they for a convection oven or not?) Just as long as I know, then I can convert if necessary. Fan ovens are very common here in the UK and they cook a bit quicker, so the instructions for mine say reduce the temperature by 10C. (British gas ovens aren't calibrated in temperatures at all, they have gas marks, but anyone who has one should know how to do the conversion. 220C is gas mark 7, and 170C is gas mark 3. It's one mark for every 25F starting at 275F.)

    Giant ravioli LOL! That immediately reminded me of Maultaschen. These are a speciality of south-west Germany and they actually ARE giant ravioli with a meat filling, just not as giant as this!

    There's proof that pasta is NOT all Italian, just as pissaladiere proves Italy doesn't have a monopoly on pizza. Another local dish is Spätzle, which is just pasta roughly cut into strips and normally served as a side dish. My ex-boyfriend is from the area so something he likes to make for dinner is Schnitzel, Spätzle and a green salad. "Schnitzel with noodles" – as in the "My Favourite Things" song from "The Sound of Music"!

    Is the moustache intended to be a permanent feature or is it because it's Movember?

  15. The mustache has grown on me a bit. It makes you look like the type of dad that everyone unanimously thinks is cooler than their actual friend. It suits you very well.

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