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  1. Hi. I am an aspiring Baker from Nigeria and I absolutely love ur recipes.🤩❤️❤️.
    I do have one question though…
    In all your recipes, you made use of unsalted butter. In a situation where unsalted butter cannot be gotten,can salted butter be used as substitute?

  2. I made this great cake for my birthday a few days ago. It took a lot of time, but I’m a leisurely type baker, and the time couldn’t be more worthwhile. The cake was dense and very rich. Of course, I had to do the American conversions, but most of the American videos posted for this particular cake were from boxed cake mixes and canned frostings, immediate fail.
    I created a chocolate buttercream frosting that increased aesthetics and flavor. I will be making this creation again!

  3. Definately a good idea to trim off the outer and top, especially if your oven isnt that great and makes everything really brown. I wish I had done this the first time I made it, spoiled the look completely. I find also (if your oven is a bit rubbish) if instead of cutting a big chunk off the top, cut a bit off the top, turn over and cut a bit off the bottom. Alot of waste but, its definately worth it if it looks and tastes good.Definatly will be using this recipe and method as sometimes its dificult to get paste colour (especially if its a bit old and dryed out) to mix into the cake mix without beating it to much. Thanks alot!

  4. Wow! Idk how she can mix food coloring in batter while wearing white. I would have every one of those colors on my shirt and pants! Now that's the real magic! Show us how not to get messy plz? No I'm just joking a bit! Love your videos and they are so enjoyable to watch. Just started watching them last night. I wished I had known about these sooner, but better late than never! Love how you go about things it's perfect. That woman that has her u tube channel called the icing artist is very annoying and she gets on my nerves the way she flings about her arms and waves those hands while talking. She looks like a woman in her forties acting like a teenager. The way she talks and says the word "like" every 2 or 3 words. Can't stand her at all but love how you present yourself, she really needs to learn from that also needs learn how to ice cupcakes better. She has a video also how to use those Russian piping tips and hers are nothing compared to yours! Hope she watches you and learn and do better! Plz never change your the best! Love ya 😄

  5. Jemma you are the best! This cake is amazing. I've made this cake 3x and every time received lots of compliments. It takes time and patience, but the result is great. If you want your cake to look nice you need to trim the edges and top. Save the scraps and enjoy it next day with some coffee or tea. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  6. Hi Gemma, Thanks for the tutorial, I have to make a Rainbow Cake for a Wedding in August, am I allowed to ask what make of colours you used as not all colours like to be baked and the colours don't stay true?

  7. Looks amazing! My daughter wants this so much.

    A question if I may.

    While the cake is in the fridge setting the crumb coat is the rest of the buttercream at room temp? Should that be in the fridge too? What if I live in a hot climate (I do), is an air-conditioned room ok?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Making this for my bday, im also gona get my mom a piece after the party and come out! PRAY FOR THIS POTATO


  9. Do I have to use caster sugar or would granulated sugar be ok? I'm in US and my local store does not sell superfine (caster) sugar in large amounts

  10. S'il vous plaît, ne mettez pas ce genre de traduction en français, c'est du Google Translate et non une vraie traduction…

  11. Hi jemma, i would like to try this recipe for my son's birthday. But i only have one cake tin and im wondering if its ok to make the batter and leave it aside until each cake is baked? Will it ruin the batter if it sits for long?

  12. Hi Jemma. The cake looks beautiful. How many servings we can do with this much of cake. I have to make a rainbow cake for 35 people. Please suggest. Thanks 🙏🏻

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