20 Replies to “How To Pay Off Your Mortgage Fast”

  1. Just want to point out that once he's done paying his cash flow wouldn't be $1462, still has to pay taxes and home insurance if he chooses to keep protecting his home.

  2. I really want to do this. I have positive cash flow every month. I don't however have much equity in the house yet. No debt except the house. How do you recommend I get a LOC?

  3. I believe I follow you except for when you multiplied the monthly mortgage by 11 months to get 16,088.71. The whole 16,088.71 doesn't go to principal because of interest, home insurance, property taxes and PMI. So by the time you did the second chunk of 14,194.61, only 5712.25 is going towards the principal the next 11 months. The mortgage balance is still 112.994.98 by the time April 1, 2020 comes around.

  4. What’s good Denzel?!? I got a question I enjoy all your videos me and my son recently purchased ploc from watching your videos with that said I discovered same bank does Heloc but I’m unsure about how many inquiries can I have in a year other inquiries were credit cards or wait 2 months for next year?

  5. Extremely helpful videos. What mic do you use it sounds awesome! You really explained everything very well… Greatly appreciated video….

  6. As soon as I'm done with chapter13 I want to implement this strategy as of now I'm rebuilding my Credit score by utilizing a secured credit card and self lender I have one year remaining on the plan which will leave me with student loan debt of 13,000 and mortgage of 90,000 so I ask if you think my chance of obtaining a line of credit will be good?

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