how to play “Run to You” by Bryan Adams on guitar – rhythm & solo guitar lesson

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27 Replies to “how to play “Run to You” by Bryan Adams on guitar – rhythm & solo guitar lesson”

  1. You are absolutely right when you say that they are many guys that either play out of tune or time or both. Absolutely Right! And they don't even know it.

  2. On my DigiTech RP1000 I just put on some light overdrive, chorus, 8th note delay, compression, and a slight amount of reverb. I am impressed with how close I got to the original sound.

  3. Holy shit i couldn't even pick a guitar. But im stoned and came across this video and just watching and listening. You are great. If i were to ever pick up a guitar i would want to lern from you. Hats off to you hope more people view your channel

  4. Oh so many thanks for this, i had figured out most of it from others and video but the main part missing from all of it was that extra last chord of the pre chorus that makes up the song, you rarely see it on any of the live shots of BA but it is defiantly there, i play it on the acoustic and in Bryan Adams acoustic solo version he still plays that top Bm7 thingy pre chorus chord but the camera always cuts away like its some secret chord, i Have never ever seen a cover band get this right, they always fudge it. Many thanks

  5. Those "transitions" are from better trained ears. Lesser guitarists hate it when they can't pick out those little nuances because they are lazy.

  6. Always insightful observations about the underlying music in a compositional context as well as deconstructing the guitar work associated with it. A little surprised that you like Bryan Adams and this tune as much as you do. RWY for me is emblematic of an era when pop/rock songs sounded a lot alike where distinctions often fell to vocal style/timbre, guitar artistry and memorable fills, and recording or production values.

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