How To Prospect And Set Insurance Appointments

This video was created by after I have had several Insurance agents from around the company inquire as to how I was being successful in the Insurance …


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  1. This is gold, thanks Mike! This has given me alot of success especially in a very busy and insurance competitive city like Hong Kong.

    My market is currently workers in the Restaurants and I come in as a customer who orders the cheapest drink in the menu and act as a survey/questionnaire taker. I ask the staff or the manager kindly if I can conduct a financial survey to gather data so I can best serve the community. This has given me alot of clients so far, thank you so much Mike! All the best!

  2. What company are you with, and can I get your contact info.  I am studying for my life exam.  I understand the need, I am a single widowed mother.  I look forward to hearing from you, Glenna

  3. That was great , in Ghana where the industry is relatively new , sometimes using the door to door might be fantastic idea
    What do you do when the objections come thick and thin. ?Please help me

  4. I went out today and used your method I hit 15 homes and talked to 2 people. The first guy told me he doesnt care for door to door agents lol and th second guy was just really rude. All well tomorrow is another day! 

  5. Make sure you check on whether or not your city requires a permit to go door to door.  Regardless of the survey, most cities consider you a peddler since sales is the ultimate goal and require a permit.  People in wealthy neighborhoods call the police on people going door to door pretty quick.

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