34 Replies to “How To Save Tons of Money on Your Car Insurance!”

  1. In Florida they should have a law. If you're over 80 years old, you should automatically give up your privilege to drive and turn in your drivers license to the DMV.

  2. Why do insurance co s charge ins for every car you own. Like, I m single, 62, kids are grown. I can only drive one car at a time. I only one 1 truck. If I bought another car, like a classic, like a camaro or something. They would charge me the full rate on both cars. Even though one or the other never leaves the drive. You know what I mean? It's stupid! I think the insurance industry should figure this out.

  3. were paying $100 per month for 2 older vehicles. were in our 50's and 60's respectively with clean driving records and I know were getting ripped off. Im going to post in a few weeks or so to update what kind of progress were making.

  4. My insurance company increase my payment because I have been involved in a car accident but it is not my fault again it is not my fault at all why they increase my payment thank you so much

  5. And for comment on here saying drive without car insurance I sd the reason people who r responsible adults pay a ND I am sick of hearing p r pole getting in accidents and person hit u has no car insurance I think laws need be lot stiffer for people driving with no insurance sham r on u jerks

  6. We got letter from insurance we have one sun I never drov r my husband has excellent driving record he got letter saying his payment was going up we have full coverage now because we bought it new two thousand sixteen so I told him to call them up we have our car house insurance together well he called got more coverage save nice at money just for that phone call so don't be afr a I'd to call complain

  7. This doesn't seem to make sense for my car insurance. I have a 827 credit score, single 54 year old woman in AZ, 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser, clean driving record, car and home insurance together and can't get my rate below $95 a month (and going up).

  8. Pay nothing for car insurance by not driving a car. You will also save by not buying gas. Very doable if you live under 6 miles from work and the store. I even ride my electric bike in the winter.

  9. Same as my last comment, helps to live in an inexpensive state to buy car insurance. You have less people by far on the roads than Illinois. Michigan.. You drive in Michigan for a day and you will know why they pay more. I did for 10 months and it is very interesting with 70 mph speeds on the city highways. What is interesting is that on most local streets it is rare to hit a red light with all the U turns built in, it's a one of a kind driving experience. Different but somewhat well designed to move traffic.

  10. Good video, you have excellent energy in this one plus you are well informed as alwayd. I must say I love your thumbnail. Who knew insurance could be so thrilling.

  11. Or…. you could just do as we do in Detroit- forget the insurance !… and carry on – But seriously, something like 80% of Detroit drive without insurance, it's simply UN-affordable. Great video 😉

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