6 Replies to “How to transfer ownership of Google Drive folders and files”

  1. there are other ways like g-transfer if you simply want a copy of all of your drive files, gmail, etc. it won't transfer ownership, but will give ownership of a copy of all of your files in drive if you have an exiting employee, teacher, etc. The video is the only solution for transferring ownership of actual files which you'd have to do one by one.

  2. Thanks Heather. Unfortunately, it only works for docs, sheets, and presentations. All other files can't be transferred. I hope this changes with time, but it is a bit annoying now.

  3. Hi Luciano. Another user wrote me to say that when you delete his account in the Google Apps admin panel, you have the option to transfer all documents to another account. I believe this is what my current institution does as well when people leave.

  4. Hey Heather, I am facing a big issue at my office with Google Drive.
    My current employee, who will leave next month owes moew than 10 thousand documents distributted among hundred of folders.
    How he can transfer the ownership of all files at once?
    If he makes individually, he will take weeks to finish and we will have an uncertain about if he really transfered everything. Of course he will forget some docs behind.

    Can you help me ?

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