How to Use an Excel Data Table for “What-if” Analysis

An Excel Data Table is a great way to see the results of substituting two values in a formula. For example, to see what your monthly payment will be by changing …


41 Replies to “How to Use an Excel Data Table for “What-if” Analysis”

  1. still quite useful. thanks a lot ! just one question though. what if I wanna extend the existing table? for example just wanna add a row. is there any shortcut for this application?

  2. All you did was define a row as horizontal and a column as vertical. What does that have to with the formula, data tables, or anything else? That's just the definition of any spreadsheet.

  3. You say it's important to understand the rows vs. columns. You don't say why or what the difference is. What would happen if they were swapped? The values are still getting substituted into the formula. Why wouldn't the answer be the same?

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