10 Replies to “HTS Live Coverage of Botham Shem Jean's Funeral”

  1. It is automatic, there can be no question about that, that ALL OF SAINT LUCIA, ST. LUCIANS in every nook and cranny of the WORLD must and will stand firmly with the JEAN family.

    Prime Minister, DR. RALPH GONSALVES of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, made all OECS nationals, and indeed all Caribbean people everywhere PROUD as a people with his remarks, in his capacity as Chairman of the OECS, in his statement on the murder of BOTHAM SHEM JEAN.
    It was a great relief to listen to him. I myself shared similar sentiments when I called upon the DALLAS MAYOR, MIKE RAWLINGS, to educate, sensitize and enlighten his people, about the people of SAINT LUCIA, and the CARIBBEAN generally.

    We are a courteous, mild-mannered, intelligent, decent, industrious, among the best in the world, and well known for our great hospitality as a people. We have never been a people "HUNG UP on colour ".

    Observing as many whites , as were blacks, at Mr. Jean's funeral service in DALLAS, and the high commendations coming from all strata of that society, and from Harding University in Arkansas, where he studied, underscored the reality, that the people of Saint Lucia and the CARIBBEAN generally, have absolutely (no inferiority complex) because of the colour of their skins.

    Caucasians are simply seen as human beings like any other race. We never consider a white person as being superior, in any form or fashion.
    SAINT LUCIA island of great people, and the only country, with the most NOBEL PRIZE LAUREATES, per capita in the WORLD. Sir. ARTHUR LEWIS, in Economics, and SIR. Derek Walcott, in LITERATURE.

    Hopefully, the AMBER GUYGERs and the ALT-RIGHT, the loosely connected and somewhat ill-defined grouping of white supremacists/white nationalists, neo-Nazis, neo-fascists, neo-confederates, Holocausts derniers, and other far-right fringe (HATE) groups will take heed.

    Given what has been revealed and now known, this CASE is a cold-blooded FIRST DEGREE murder, of a decent innocent man who committed NO CRIME, in his sanctuary, HIS OWN HOME, necessitating the death penalty.
    JUSTICE MUST not only be done, but must be (SEEN) to be done, and MUST PREVAIL for the good of AMERICA, AMERICANS and the rest of the World.
    AMERICA which posits itself officially, as the bastion of DEMOCRACY AND HUMAN RIGHTS, transparency, accountability and good governance. FOLKS around the World,
    are "tuned in "and watching.

  2. RIP Botham you will get justice. My heart goes out to the family but the dad is really divested I pray God give him strength πŸ™πŸΎβœŠπŸΏπŸ‡±πŸ‡¨

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