47 Replies to “I Bought a REALLY TOTALED Nissan GT-R from a Salvage Auction & I’m going to Rebuild It!”

  1. fuck this guy and anyone promoting copart!!!!!! they are the biggest scams!! I spend 50k on a car that was a shell with the whole engine Mickey moused I'm suing this auction!!!!!!!!!

  2. This guy is Copart's little bitch …
    Why dont you throw the prices of the parts you so called "bought" every now & then. Is it cause you didn't buy shit…
    " I paid a whole lot for that part"
    " I bought that part and ordered it from Japan"
    BS that car ain't yours is still copart's…
    Copart is FULL OF SHIT !

  3. Things are definitely getting better…it's totalled….if you paid what you say and let's say you spend $10,000 you could have bought a used not damaged one…
    Best of lunch, I'll watch till your struggling lol

  4. If you can rebuild that to run in a straight line you deserve a medal for being insane , I'll tell you why, if the body looks like that it's f….d on the underside …..
    If I was given it I'd leave it exactly where it is as a garden ornament ..

  5. I am pretty sure you can get one in much better shape, less work and not as trashy as this one. This channel is pretty much worthless, not really showing much.

  6. You paid 20 grand? Wow. Someone would have to pay me that on TOP of giving me the car for free before I even started touching it. Good luck, I guarantee there is a lot more wrong with this thing than you think…

  7. What this video says is STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM COPART. unless your a sucker, a fool and his money are soon parted, 20K for a salvage title and make no mistake that framed is tweaked, no way in hell would you take a car like this at 150mph after a rebuild from a crash like that, UNLESS the company that sponsored this video and the idiot that made it, is trying to scam people into there website to make money.

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