I Got Hit By a Truck | My Coma and The Accident 2

Background: I was hit by a truck while crossing a street on a crosswalk. I ended up in the hospital in critical condition. I was in a medically induced coma for 3 …


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  1. I'll keep this as short as I can. I am just now learning about the incident and I wanted to reach out because I was hit by a truck in 2008 and flown to shock trauma. Very similar incident but that ultimately lead to me becoming a EMT Firefighter and pursuing a career in helping people. Just wanted to say I'm happy you made it alive and you're a lucky dude.

  2. Damn bro you’re lucky you could talk when you came back up, I was under for about 2 weeks and I was on a ventilator so mine went through my mouth and down my throat and when I woke up I couldn’t talk for a week and had to go through 2 months of speech therapy to stop sounding like Batman haha, I know I’m late but I feel your pain bro and I’m glad you’re solid

  3. Imagine vaping with a hole in your neck. It would look like there was a ghost exiting your body (but that would be unsafe so please don’t)

    On some real shit I’m really fuckin glad you made it. It sounds like a really serious injury, and your death would’ve taken a huge toll on this community, its creators, and your friends and family. Stay strong ❤️

  4. I straight up feel you my man, except was my fault. I fell 5 metres high from a building and was apparently in excruciating pain, but instead of a 3 week coma, I was in a 3 month one. Like you said with the dream I had that exact dream, feels sooo real and shit but then I saw myself going through all these experiments. I had a drill opening my skull and a tube to relieve all the pressure in my head because my whole head could've full on exploded whenever. When I woke up it was such a scary experience because I was alone, but skip another 3 months in hospital I was in rehab. I had to do speech therapy like you and I had to learn how to walk again, my whole left side was paralysed (isn't anymore). But I feel you brother, grateful for a second chance at life.

  5. I got hit by a car yesterday and was looking for idek people to help me understand how I’m feeling. Thank you for this video I’m so sorry for the major injuries you endured. I can’t imagine what you went through. I hope you are doing fantastic now

  6. I hope you're doing well! You got this! I understand how stuff like this can conpletely throw you pff in every way. I have learned how to walk at least 10x since i was 16. You can do it! Don't let anyone or anything discourage you!

  7. I don't cry often, but through these videos I have almost lost it several times, my life isn't the best, I find it bland and lonely, this video reminded me of my best friends, and I'm so happy that you were able to have mini and your dad there with you, you have no idea how much you have helped me, you make me smile, laugh and you are real, that's what I love about this video is that unlike some many other YouTube personalities, you were real.

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