23 Replies to “I Learned The Art Of The French Croissant…”

  1. Not looking for a recipe but what are the ingredients they add in the mix? When he talks of liquids does he add water and yeast or is that milk?
    What would be a good percentage of sourdough? So many questions x.x

  2. the cutting part makes sense! i've seen some cutting off the dough (tried it and it made my croissants look nicer) but the wastage is quite a lot, will try using this technique when i make my next croissant. thanks for this video

  3. i was just talking to my gf about how awesome butter goes with oatmeal waffles and stumble into this video, kinda similar to strudel there is some videos on youtube from a pastry in wien.

  4. I just love how people have problems with the hair on their scalp but nobody gives a shit about their beards :))…..French-men :))
    I need to buy another flat to set up my croissant lab :))…….:P

  5. Hi Alex! I want to say you great thanks for showing really good bakery with tastiest crossaints and bread!!! I have visited Paris this week and tried in random places crossaints or bread and I think Utopia is the best crossaint I’ve eaten in Paris and black bread was mind blowing! Thank you so much Alex!

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