34 Replies to “I Won Two Cars At A Public Auto Auction For $864!”

  1. Keep making these videos this shit interesting and not all of us get a inside look. Im just now working on a dealer license in WI and it's been a rollercoaster ride a lot of bull shit

  2. when it rains they do not roll up the windows that’s a summer time thing don’t really roll them down in the winter lol plus most of these cars are donated and have sat forever or small car lots that can’t sell them I’ve been here many times just never bought anything the mechanic when you go during the week will tell you if the cars a pos and he’s not just saying that because he wants it the same car say there for like 6 auctions and sold for a couple hundred for parts nice vid hope to see more of this nameless place lol

  3. My '03 Century has the same exact rot & rust on the passenger side. This is unfortunately common with this generation Century. It's a small rubber elbow that's on the firewall on that side of the car, that deteriorates over time, causing the A/C to drain into the car. Check the passenger side rug, & I'm more than positive it'll be wet. This causes the rust & rot. Great running cars though. Mine is off to the junkyard soon, as the trans is shot on it.

  4. I bought my 2009 Toyota Sienna with 198k at Interstate for $3700 w/ fees. It now has 210k on it and I've moved to Indiana. It needed new spark plugs and a windshield. I towed a huge Uhaul from Boston to Southern Indiana with that van. I would buy from them again if I was in NH.

  5. Auction in Salem, New Hampshire got a 200,000 2008 Subaru Impreza 5 speed manual for 2,150 after fees, but my cousin abused it after he got it. So it ended up in the scrap yard 8 month down the road. The whole block was warped and he didn't pay for repair, so he scrap it for $200.

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