33 Replies to “I Wrecked my Corvette and 350z!!!”

  1. In some states the insurance companies will not cover damage you do to your vehicle with another of your vehicles on your own property. So it may not matter if you were fully insured.

  2. The fender and door are easily fixed by a body shop and don't need replacement. If you replace them you won't have the original serial numbers on the body anymore

  3. I'd pay out of pocket, no insurance claim and stop beating yourself up. Shit happens to all of us. I had 27 years in body shops and from what I can see here it's going to run you a couple grand.

  4. For someone that drove commercially for a while this is shameful.

    You have brought great shame to your family, sepukku is the only way out.
    Do it live on Instagram

  5. Damn bro! Pure insurance scam right here! Wow! Been watching your channel for years. Then I see this. If you think your viewers are dumb, good for you, but we can all see through your shit! "Unsubscribed" good luck with your bullshit!πŸ‘

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