India’s Taj Mahal Is an Enduring Monument to Love | National Geographic

The Taj Mahal is widely considered one of the most beautiful buildings ever created. The exquisite marble structure in Agra, India, is an eternal testament to the …


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  1. Did you know India's Taj Mahal is a monument constructed by a husband to show his everlasting love for his favorite wife? What new facts did you learn about how this mausoleum came to be the world attraction it is today?

  2. It's there because Persians were unable to take it. Persians looted so much that peacock throne unknown still where in iran. British just had control by treaties and not ruled completly

  3. Like all mausoleums, this is an enduring monument to death. Once all who know the history are dead, only the grave will remain. The love was gone when the emperor finally died, but the death endures.

  4. Our precious diamond kohinoor is looted by bloody victoria i hate her. Britishers are thief. They call themselves Great Britain.but everyone knows how they become great.

  5. Just to inform the incredibly ignorant westerners and other non-Indian idiots, Mumtaz Mahal was Shah Jahan's 7th wife and she was pregnant with their 14th child when she died. Let that sink in before you get faint with the "love" story behind this monument.

  6. Its a bit surprising there is no picture of the women that caused such strong feelings. Oh wait…. Bwhahahaha. There couldnt be one, right ?

    Someone was overcompensating for a ugly reality.

  7. 😂 where is the love? A king having countless wives is said to have built it…. And as soon as mumtaj died he married her sister… Plz do some research and post videos…

  8. It is not Koranic, it's Quranic. Qur'an not Koran. Other misspelled Islamic words are Muhammad. It's not Mohamed, it's Muhammad. It's not alah. It is Allah. Islam haters like changing words to suit their extremist hatred mentality. Wikipedia got the correct spelling right. As a media channel, you should too National Geographic. Otherwise, you are spreading haters propaganda.

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