8 Replies to “Infinite Banking Concept | Scenario #1”

  1. Hey Denzel, Which Whole Life Insurance Co. Would you recommend in my area? I would probably look into getting into it when I increase my cash flow and eliminate cc debt and car loans and probably get into a 8-10k a year.

  2. Quick question…I just watched a video and she was explaining how to use a Credit Card as a method to pay off the mortgage faster, exactly as the HELOC Strategy…My question for you is, what's the quick pros/cons with using a Lien of Credit (LOC) as a Credit card VS a LOC as a HELOC?Β  Just the higher interest rate?

  3. Denzel always great content. Do you have any advice for those that are Active Duty Military and currently funding TSP both the Traditional and the now the Roth? I get the sense now after following your channel and VIPFinance Education channel, that all of the money that is taken out of my check every month for TSP/Retirement could be better served in paying off debt and asset acquisition. So far, I haven't found a viable way to stop/divert/transfer/ liquidate those funds into something that will be better served in kingdom building along with leaving a legacy for my family and grandchildren WITHOUT being heavily penalized/taxed. Any comments are greatly appreciated. #financialintelligence

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