41 Replies to “INSANE FULL COVERAGE FOUNDATION! | MAKEUP REVOLUTION Conceal & Define Foundation”

  1. I just found you 😍. Thank you so much for making videos. Seeing other people living their life positively with acne is the only thing giving me life 😫. So keep it up honey 👏💙💚💛💜

  2. Sis I suffer from a really bad acne as well and I swear shades that are a bit darker than your actual face skin tone covers a lot more and looks more natural

  3. Have you tried spironolactone for your skin? I've suffered from adult acne and its the only medication that's helped improve my skin. You should look into it if interested!

  4. Why does everyone hate on the doe foot? You wash and prime your face beforehand. Don't use it to spread but just to put it on there it shouldnt be that bad. Keep your face and your brushes clean before using them and you are good 💪

  5. Literally ordered these as I watching! I've suffered with acne since middle school (22 now) so I know exactly how hard it is to find a foundation that actually covers!!

    You are so beautiful btw! **new subbie 😛

  6. CeraVe pm helps my oil so much. Only moisturizer that did not break me out. It has niacinimide which is antiflammatory. It makes a great primer too. It saved my skin with Dr. Bronners peppermint. You are such an inspiration to not let our acne define us. I feel your pain and stuggle love u

  7. Wow this foundation suites you very well! I’m glad I came across your video. I have been wondering about this foundation and this just confirmed that I do need to purchase! Thanks for this video! You look so beautiful! 💕

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