49 Replies to “Install Google Play Store on Fire Tablets, Super Easy Method”

  1. Still works in 2018! I had to restart twice on Fire HD 10 but other than that it's great.
    I was thinking last minute to return my tablet since there was no access to play store.
    Thanks a bunch you're a life saver.

  2. I do believe there is a way to install the google play services on a kindle Fire 7 tablet without rooting the device correct? I don't understand which is considered rooting and which is considered doing bypasses to avoid getting malwares and viruses.

  3. I tried this on mine and it worked except I have the google play service gear with the "G" in it that doesn't do anything. Any idea how to take care of that?

  4. Someone help me please! I can't click install on my fire but can click everything else so it says google play store install at the bottem and I keep clicking it and it won't work HELP

  5. Thank for the video man. the XDA guys are awesome! Tried it on my HD 8 running Disabled OTA updates just in case Amazon tries to disable 😉

  6. How did the icon for Google play just magically appear on your tablets menu screen? What steps need to be taken to make that appear there? Thanks for any info!

  7. I've been looking around youtube and trying video after video for 2 days and none worked… until THIS one. Worked perfectly with my Kindle Fire HD 8. Thank you very much!

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