Insurance Agent Prospecting Ideas: Explosive Sales and Marketing Webinar

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7 Replies to “Insurance Agent Prospecting Ideas: Explosive Sales and Marketing Webinar”

  1. I wish the IMO's out there would do more training on prospecting. They want you to get your prospects by buying leads from them, which is totally fine unless there is a lack of integrity in their lead system and they're constantly re-dating and reselling those leads to every other agent… you shouldn't be paying $5.50 for a damn lead that should actually only cost you $.50.

  2. The average agent of an insurance agent is that high because most insurance agents treat this 'career' as a hobby which are semi-retired and don't have to rely on making $3,000 per month to pay their bills and support their family.  The reason the numbers went from 125,000 agents in 1977 to 55,000 agents today is because of terrible regulations against the sales agent for selling insurance and how they market their business.  Most entrepreneurs don't want the government dictating how they run their business.

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