20 Replies to “Insurance Companies are scamming the Jamaican People ( 10 Fed 2019 ) Rawpa Crawpa #vlog”

  1. You stupid fuck, I live in Germany very comfortable why would I want to come back to a country where I have no right and your government don't care about the poor, I love Germany, you stupid fuck talking about plantation, I live nice and comfortable

  2. Politicians and business people rip off Jamaicans and at the end of the day they run to America to live large off scam money. Deal with them when we see them here.

  3. Jamaican government scam Jamaicans to pay foreigners to live like kings in Jamaica. I had my experience in Jamaica in the early 90s with a car I had. ICWI did not pay me zinc after an accident. All i got was run around.

  4. system is the Scales over our Eye lids ,did not need glasses to see that!! and note if the man did deh in a him car an dead now a just funeral would a come out a that instead thing change it a get worst..

  5. What happen to their lost adjusters. Bwoy mi love England. Some one ran in tye back of my car. I dont need to do any thing. My insurance deal with the other insurance. A so it fi go. Are there any insurance ombudsman in jamaica. Who to complain to? You didn’t need to go to tue other insurance, your insurance should deal wid them

  6. You are on point bro. They are all criminal institutions , they operate like a bank . They are only interested in taking our money but provide no real service at all to us .the insurance company that is located near NHT told me that insurance law and and the law that govern road traffic are separate laws .this simply means that the compulsory insurance companies has devised their own set of laws to suit themselves and cares not about our constitution laws that governs road traffic that we the citizens of this country are forced and bound to abide to . The arbitrators are the biggest set of criminals . Who does these criminals think they are ? . They make unlawful decisions as it relates to claims entitlements within their iinterest and then tell you that you MUST abide by their decisions because it's final even when you are within your rights …….,again who does these criminals think they are ?. It seems as if greed has blinded them . I am lost as to how they can get away with these criminal activities in this day and age . The question is ……Who is really regulating these companies?.
    The system is not working at all and I truly believe that the real criminals that are doing irriparable damage to the people of this country are not those that uses a gun but those who sits in so-called high places dressed in neck-tie and expensive suits and drives expensive motor vehicles . We are like sheep's to them based on their position and influence . They know what power the mighty pen possesses…it is always mightier than the sword and these insurance companies are not afraid to let it be known to us sheeps that this is really the state of things in their criminal industry and we sheeps can do nothing about it …….at least….that's what they are thinking !!! .
    Shame on these insurance companies. i just want you to know that You are viewed to us no different from the gunmen that terrorised we law abiding citizens on a daily basis.

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