Insurance Sales System Idea #3: Mr. Mehdi’s Million Dollar Baby – Insurance Sales System Idea #3: Mr. Mehdi’s Million Dollar Baby. Discover how to tap into a middle market senior insurance …


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  1. Hey Dave – Thanks for the shout-out and great video and overview! As far as the parent or grandparent coverage question – just check your company's underwriting guidelines. You can often get $100k – $250k on each child without too much trouble, but you may need to indicate how much coverage the parents/grandparents also have on the application, in a cover letter, or communicate it to underwriters separately. If you're looking for greater amounts on children, the insurance company will just need to know why and know that the parents also have proper amounts of insurance coverage on themselves. (Insurance companies don't want parents to think of harming children in order to collect on the insurance money, so having proper coverage on themselves is one way to help prevent that – unless otherwise uninsurable.)

  2. Great vid! I just bought 3 of Mehdi's books yesterday! Great timing. Incidentally, I just wrote my daughter a permanent Life product about a week ago for this exact reason. I'm glad I'm on the right path. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise.

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