29 Replies to “Introducing Tablets with Google Play for Education”

  1. Why does maldives not have tabket to study WHY?? IS MALDIVES THE WORST EDUCATION CUNTRY EVER WHYYYYYY….actully i dont care they just told me that they will publis ipads to school in 2018……IF THEY DONT I WILL HATE MY SCHOOL even if i hate school anyways but when they add tabs it could be way better am i right ☆☆⊙☆☆ ●_● ●■● ¿¡

  2. You might want to consider how much natural (finite) resources it costs to fabricate technological gadgets.I'm not joking. Turning kids into tech addicts is worst you can do and it actually puts their future on the line.

    On top of that, starting at a screen is simply not healthy; we should know this by now. Same goes for all the wireless radiation vs thin (children) skulls. The info is out on these subjects.

    We look down on native people of the Earth but it seems they are much healthier because they live in harmony with themselves and with nature. THAT is what school should teach children. When will schools start actually teaching stuff that matters?

    I know people won't agree with me until they start to really consider these aforementioned things.

  3. I am very excited about Google Play being integrated here. I live in Hillsborough and they have been implementing Chromebooks into pilot teams this year. Next year, everyone will have them, including myself. Technology and learning together, it will really be something!

  4. We are supposed to be rolling out tablets soon (I think) to some of our schools as a pilot. I hope we will have the success that Hillsborough seems to be having. I am sure they would have put some serious planning into place beforehand because this has the potential to totally changes ones approach to teaching and learning in the classroom. Exciting!

  5. Please caption this video, so that Deaf and Hard of Hearing people can understand its content, and people who don't know English can have the captions automatically translated

  6. It's great but i think when i look this video, that each children is focusing on his tablet and not the other student, this thing kill all the interactions and social contact between students, i think we learn far more in a group than alone in front of your tablet.

    I Said that but i live in school where each student have a mac and ipad ^_^. 

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