26 Replies to “Is the Key to a CHEAP MKIV Toyota Supra the Salvage Auction? Here’s one at Copart”

  1. Christ supras are way overvalued. You can get a way better car for that money while not being from a salvage auction. Yes it was in the fast and furious but so was the VW vento/jetta.

  2. Good news yall, its 2018, we can now legally import the 93 MK IV Supra in the US. From now until 2027 each year another model opens up for import. In 2019 you can import 93 and 94 models, and so on. I hope as the supply increases the prices will drop as well.

  3. i think this car may have been on the track, the front splitter is damaged just where they get torn up clipping the curbs on a track, also the second set of pictures has this car a different shade of red which means it was painted, but look at that second set of pictures the front splitter is ripped up in the same way(though not as bad).

  4. The intercooler is lower on one side and the damaged front lip tells me this car might have further undercarriage damage. Some unplanned off road action? Hitting a Speed bump too fast? At over 21k, I would pass on this one.

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