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  1. Does not matter how affordable you think the Ghost is, it was build up for a different kind of elite group. At some point your pockets will be put to the test as far as service and maintenance.

  2. Nice car, great video, working in Bristol I see these being tested as well as all the other supercars from Supercars of Bristol. Interested in asking what you use for recording, what is your equipment you are using please?? Have already subscribed to your channel.

  3. Thanks for a really good, well made, sensible video, Almost all reviewers of top people’s cars tip-toe around the topic of cruel depreciation. You didn’t. What is perhaps worth noticing too, is that the depreciation on a RR Wraith looks actually even more savage than on a RR Ghost. So, if one were lucky enough to be looking in this area, the RR Wraith might be a more fun alternative. Thanks too for pointing out that with cars like these a long (approved manufacturers) warranty, together with a deal on servicing, dilutes much of the suppressed anxiety of hugely expensive things going wrong which is always in the background with cars like this.

  4. An over pedantic traffic policeman might consider that the use of trade plates for the purpose of making a YouTube video is stretching things a bit far. Of course if the dealer was summonsed you could negotiate a good discount as buying it could be used as their defence. You'd get at least a £100 off. 🙂

  5. Beautiful car but I see a major factory defect that I don't know how you missed. They put the steering wheel and all the controls on the wrong side!!!!!!! 😞😨😰😱😲😲

  6. Pedantically, all Luxury Cars of yesteryear are PIA to maintain, especially, a Rolls Royce. All cars are subject to driving habits and maintenance. A FIAT 500, properly driven and maintained shall outsmart a poorly driven and maintained Rolls Royce. The Rolls Royce Engine was a piece of Marvel and Art that made Rolls Royce the quietest, making the car like almost sailing. Alas, no more. They started using Chrysler's Engine with Rolls Royce written over it. Then came the bombshell: BMW Engines. Now it is just a big heavy metal with parts from all over the place. People who used to buy Rolls Royce cars have moved upward. They buy an Aircraft and a Helicopter.

  7. Who buys these things new? NHS trust managers? Arab sheikhs? Russian gangsters? It would be great for wedding hire and the back seats look perfect for alfresco dogging action.
    Alternatively, prospective Ghost buyers should consider buying a Chrysler 300C instead and giving the money they save to animal charities that protect desperately endangered species and try to prevent their extinction. Time is running out for rhinos, tigers and orangutans. Unlike cars, they can't be replaced.

  8. Very enjoyable review of a magnificent automobile. I have a Shadow and it is interesting to see some similar styling cues reflected in this model. Looking forward to seeing more review. Cheers from St Petersburg Florida.

  9. See there are two types of rich people in this world is stupid rich and the smart Rich the smart Rich will buy their car a couple years old and not eat all that depreciation like you did stupid rich is going to pay the full $650,000 have a great day PS that's why I drive a second-hand Phantom

  10. What's different about this experience compared to your other experience in The Wraith and in the Phantom is you own this Rolls-Royce you don't have to give it back have a great day

  11. I'd missed this one, but what a thought provoking video. You have a habit of doing this Peter! This really does emphasise just how special Rolls Royce's are. Rolls or Uber Saloon? No contest. Unfortunately, even my 'man maths' can't make the numbers work for one of these, but we can all dream…

  12. You lied about buying it (god knows why) and took this rain virgin masterpiece in the piss wet rain, what a disrespectful thing to do. Awesome channel content though, subbed.

  13. £120K 7 year old Rolls Royce? That really is an interesting proposition. Unfortunately I'm gonna have to wait a little longer, like 20 years little longer.

  14. Petrol Ped. Rolls Royce is a German uber saloon. The car has a 6.75 L V12 engine sourced from BMW, Parts come from Continental Europe and the UK. Assembly line, leather work, wood work, and finishing are carried out in a new factory in Goodwood near Chichester, Sussex. A perfect combination of German engineering and good old fashioned British upholstery. A marriage as they say in the car workshop .Shame about Brexit though a bit of a divorce on the horizon for this lovely coupling. BMW will probably move half of the Rolls Royce production to Holland or Austria to finish them off. Just like they have with they're new BMW MINI production plant, instead of increasing the size of the Oxford plant which only produces about half of all the BMW MINI's anyway. So crew get ready to go Dutch. Because the import and export duty on the same high end luxury car going in and out of Europe is what is know as a double whammy. Ouch. That will put the price up on an already expensive motor sport. Come to think of it ''If you have to ask the price of a Rolls Royce you probably don't own a petrol company.''

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  16. For the price of this Rolls it is by far a better deal to buy than any of the new cars of today at the same price. I'd buy it in a heartbeat if I had the money, but not with that plum colour leather inside, not very BUTCH at all, red or pale grey would be great , I think if you had bought the car and took it home to show your wife, you'd be off the team for life. for spending so much money on one car.

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