7 Replies to “Isabel pays with Dash Digital Cash at D’Amalfi Restaurant in Caracas, Venezuela”

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  2. Good footage of how Dash wins over Bitcoin-helping the areas that need currency reform the most and making it so easy to use. Getting an actual steady user base in Venezuela and Columbia during 2019 will really start to showcase why Dash is a long term winner. The merchants are on board and ready-now with this second and third wave of proposals for those areas the Dash network will hone in on making everyday use a real thing.

  3. What we see here is a transaction, but what we don't see is how long it took until she got the burger or if she payed it with cash in the end… Why not show the whole process?

  4. Progress!! Didn't have to give her phone to a stranger this time! And by the looks of it, that cashier wouldn't have a clue what to do with it.

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