16 Replies to “Japan Auto Auction Guide #4 – Bidding and Buying”

  1. Q: How I can see if the vehicle complies with U.S. standards by inspecting or having the vehicle inspected by someone else ? Can 25 Yrs old car be used in U.S with right steering wheel ?

  2. And you can export a car everywhere? Like in France? Because i'm looking for a KPS13 in good condition for around 750 000¥ , it is possible to find that at this price? Thanks for responding

  3. I can't wait for the JAAG #5. It's gonna be very useful.
    It's very cool to have all the informations you need to browse through your website. Not many Import companies give you informations without having to pay for an account.
    I'm surprised by the prices of the JZX100s (300k JPY to 350k JPY). They're as cheap as EK SiR Civics. (for a 3.5/4 score, MT, 90000km to 140000km and B rate interior). Is there anything special that brings Chaser's prices so low ?

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