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  1. Everybody here needs to realize that you do not have to sell your house and all possessions to be a o/o. Lol I know o/o's who have a wife and 3 kids in a nice home, good car and they are home every 10 days or so.

  2. Watch EVERY vid on MakeCents's 'Tube channel. Especially his vid's on load boards.
     Rawze's Collection also. Has good info on maintaining EGR systems.
    I think those two gentlemen could help you a lot. IMHO.

  3. Those fuckin def systems are one of the only reasons why I haven't pulled the trigger on buying a truck. They are the worst thing to happen to the trucking industry

  4. Personally I was thinking $15000 was cheap. I average $25000 in expenses related to truck and trailer repair and maintenance. Along with truck payment I'm in the $38000 range for truck payment repairs and maintenance. If you buy a new truck your going to be in the same range total cost just for the payment on new truck plus you need to account for repair and maintenance. I might add that I personally still do very well on top of all that. 😊

  5. Shoot you'll be one of the one's that win in the end…. Alot of successful people look back after the success and think about the struggle it took to get there

  6. I just bought my first used truck and i 100% found this to be inspiring. Especially since im already struggling and working on my overhead that was my first move. Thanks man and good luck to you!

  7. Thanks for your info. I’m headed that way. But, I’m trying to get things in order. I’ve already deleted my DPF system. Which was a big cost. I’ve been running under a broker, giving up 12%. What do you recommend for starters, and what would you do different? Could you speak on that.

  8. Dude it says KW on the seat ..that means Cummins..and that means ….junk
    Rides good ..looks good ..But they are junk

    Freightliner Cascadia ugly as fuck ride like a rock but ..theyve got Detroits ..DD15 with D12 auto fatigue free Iike to say.
    Shifting and Clutching is work
    Say what you will…but this Auto..which really isnt an auto..its a 12 speed manual being shifted by actuators …
    is a fatigue saver..
    And Detroit has this DEF thing fingered out

    Talk to anyone who has or have had both.

  9. I have owned my truck for 5 years. I have some advice for anyone thinking about buy your own. You need to put 20 cents a mile aside for maintenance. You need to put 15% of your total gross aside for Federal taxes and 5% for state. Use separate accounts and avoid the temptation to dip into these for other expenses. I have an 07 Freightliner. No def with and Ugly Fix module that deletes the EGR cycle. It has 875,000 miles on it and runs like a Singer sewing machine. My advice change your oil every 10,000 miles. Use 1 gallon of Lucas oil stabilizer in place of 1 gallon of oil at each service. Do not idle your truck if at all possible. If you must idle, bump your RPM's up to around 700-800 or until your motor smooths out. This will save your injectors and etc. I am fortunate that I have a trusted friend who is a diesel mechanic that does all my service and repairs. It's not easy folks but it's doable. I am not an expert but this system has worked well for me. My truck is older but I can have the engine in framed for around 15K and it will be good for another Million miles.

  10. Nice 👍 you are on your way Dave Ramsey
    I’m using his program to get out of debt no credit card and the big Sshovel is the truck driving , this is my first year of driving and thinking witchery way is the best way for me next
    I like it that you’re honest and you said it like it is the truth is it is not easy 👍

  11. Also read Dave Ramsey. Already was in the process of selling my house and eliminating all expenses to focus on only the green/plus side and get rid of the red side.

  12. 15000.00 in break down and maintenance? That's very good. As a rule of the first 3 years of running your own authority. Live off of 25 percent of your gross. DO NOT ! DO NOT ! Start your business unless you have 6months operation costs saved up first.

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