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  1. 1919: at the top of the hill a man and woman appear to hold on the ground…it is impossible to tell whether these are the would-be assassin's…"

    If this happened today, that couple crouching on the hill would have been named and doxed on social media already, and celebrities would be racing to see who can denounce them first.

    23:40 "…it might be recalled .." Walter Cronkite speculates that right wing activists might be responsible for the assassination because a conservative had previously hit Stevenson with a pocket sign in Dallas, and that Texans are generally critical of Kennedy. Cronkite has no evidence that conservatives assassinated Kennedy, but that does not stop him from wildly speculating.

    In reality, a crazy Marxist did it. As far as I know, Cronkite never apologized to anyone for this speculation.

    This pattern of conduct would be repeated over the decades. A few years ago, a reporter jumped to the conclusion that a Tea Party member had murdered people in a movie theater.

  2. LHO shot JFK. JLR shot LHO. LBJ became POTUS. USA was never the same again. Next came MLK, then RFK. 18 years after JFK, JWH shot RWR. The NRA is still pushing guns. W-H-Y?

  3. Cronkite was CIA dirtball propagandist – scum like Rather ("the President's head went violewntly forward"). Cronkite spent the rest of his life lying for the killers and plotters, narrating televised shit "scientific studies" concluding that "Oswald definitely did it" with his Mauser – "er, excuse me, let's change that to Carcano". BULL SHIT! This lying began when the Zapruder film, even if edited, was being suppressed & showed JFK killed from front. Oswald was behind the president. At the time, an aspiring assassin could have bought a weapon in Texas at a store without I.D. But the official magic bullet/bullshit story pegged a patsy who had a mail-order paper trail of purchase of a weapon that had no involvement with the crime. Every president since the LBJ – J. Edgar Hoover coverup, including Trump, has continued suppression of files for "national security" DESPITE the official "lone nut" lie. The insult to our intelligence is that even the official story is a 180 degree contradiction: a lone nut at the same time as a threat to national security. Cronkite was highly rewarded, paid-off, treasonous scum.

  4. The day my younger brother was brought home from the hospital following his birth. I was 5 at the time. I never forget his birth date. I knew something was amiss since all the men in our home that day awaiting my mom and brother were crying……..

  5. I was three and have no memories of that horrible weekend but my two older brothers have vivid memories of that Friday 11/22/63 and of the funeral on Monday 11/25/63. We lived in Arlington, Virginia then and my family stood on Arlington Bridge on day of the funeral. I was on my father's shoulders as the caisson went by. My brothers vividly remember the sound of the horses clopping and also the drums. My parents said many times that weekend were the saddest days of their lives. I myself think in some ways the nation never got over his assassination.

  6. Cronkite was an amazing professional. Having to stay on the air doing what he could to keep us posted on Kennedy's condition and fielding the bulletins that continually came in. He had a love and high respect for JFK and it was obvious at the end when he had to deliver the official bulletin confirming Kennedy's death. This was when news WAS news, and not some theatrical show as it is today. Walter was a legend and one of the best ever.

  7. Walter Cronkite, right there at the end, holding it together in front of the world while he comes to grips with the death of a beloved president. Man. What will power. What professionalism. Just imagine what was going on inside him, but unlike nearly every other human being, he was almost uniquely denied the privilege to grieve when he heard the news.

  8. I remember asking my grandmother about President Kennedy some 20 years ago when I was a kid..and she couldn't stop herself from crying even at that time 30+ years after his assassination…she worked in the White House 1956-89… She had great stories about him…R.I.P Grandma and President Kennedy

  9. They were not as advanced as today. They had to “warm cameras up.” Also there was the need it seems to double check information instead of just getting it out there. In a situation like this, the story is moving so fast that some information may be wrong. But it seemed that there was a little more journalistic integrity than now

  10. We all did not know exactly how Kennedy was shot until the release of the Zapruder film years later…all we had was this at first…and later interviews that day. It is odd that Chornkite was pushing the "3 shots fired" story right from the first broadcast. I was at school lunch in Houston Tx this day…we went back to class and our teacher was crying…they sent us home an hour or so later and it was shock and awe outside in the streets. My Dad was wearing kaki pants and a t shirt …and the Dallas Police were looking for a man in a white t shirt and Kaki pants….he was scared as hell….but we were in Houston …sad day for the USA

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