Jimmy Carr Stand-Up

Comedian Jimmy Carr tells jokes about meeting Brad Pitt, picking up girls at comedy shows and Facebook relationship statuses. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight …


24 Replies to “Jimmy Carr Stand-Up”

  1. I love Jimmy Carr but I didn’t laugh once during this video. I’ve heard him say all of this jokes during his Funny Business movie on Netflix. I also would’ve probably laughed had he been able to get down and dirty with the jokes. American telly…

  2. Is it just me, or does anyone else find his facial resemblance to Richard Nixon disturbing? I mean , if Tricky Dick was reincarnated as a Brit, would he NOT look just like this guy?

  3. Jimmy must piss off so many comics he can work clean, be just as funny and he makes it look easy. Americans always get taken by surprise by good british comics but people like Jimmy have been at the game so long and he's peaked at the right time. I hope he makes it big in Kazakhstan then he's really made it.

  4. Funny how everyone here is trying explain how Jimmy Carr is extremely offensive usually and this is nothing compared to what he does usually and that it's a watered down bit for the American network like nobody knows about him.
    We know guys, we're on YouTube.

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