13 Replies to “Johnny Iuzzini, Pastry Chef at Jean Georges”

  1. And after such an extreme high professional career with much fame and notoriety now he joins the other flops with allegations against him as well. Just really sad! Guess they think it will never resurface and come back to them. Lesson to learn: if it doesn't in life, it will for sure in death. You can never run from your sins. The truth will set you free.

  2. he's a douche…i had to put with him for an entire day in my kitchen at the hotel. He basically made pudding, shoved it through a $5000 machine and made chocolate worms….not that impressive. the rest of the time he ran around taking selfies, checking his fantasy football scores, and helping himself to handfuls of marcona almonds. uhhhh those aren't cheap, dude….

  3. in culinary school i was the idiot that always effed up a pastry recipe! haha
    johnny is the handsome and most talented pastry chef of most.

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