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  1. Pardon, but Napoleon was not defeated by "the genius of Nelson and Wellington", but by the genius and determination of the Russians and Prussia. The genius against Napoleon was field marshal Blücher!

  2. What about the monarchs of Scandinavia, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, and Monaco? (I'm not counting Andorra or Vatican City.)

  3. Thus series is a
    Portrayal – if actually a greater description of accuracy – demonstrates the human exemplifying – led by Ego Mindedness, void of Empathy, which is a requirement for any wise action.

    A lower minded existence, Tabloid compared to Clinical Peer Review Journal, in worthiness.

  4. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركات
    {علبت الروم في ادني الارص وهم من بعد علبهم سيعلبون}
    { وانه دكرى لك لقومك وسوف تسالون }
    كالورين الاميرة ديانا تشأرك دورك معي في إدني الارص

  5. The throne of England had never belonged to French Plantagenets and Welsh Tudors…that’s just hilarious. The Angevins were anglicised from the beginning, Henry II was dual ancestry, his mother even hired the English Scholar William of Malmesbury to write the famous Gesta Regum Anglorum so he could study his English ancestry in depth. Richard I held the crown legally but was nothing to do with England, as England during his reign was a republic in all but name, run by ministers and clergymen (which is why they fought hard for the Magna Carta). King John was total opposite to his brother and was raised in England and lived in England his whole life….he drank English wine from Corfe, wore Opus Anglicana clothes, he spoke at least broken English, worshiped in English churches and his favourite Saint was the Anglo-Saxon St.Wulfstann and he’s even buried next to him at Worcester…how the fuck are these French…Henry III felt so English he even named his sons after famous English saints

  6. Today, English politicians are restoring the George III repression of the people: people are no longer allowed to speak in public about political issues. History repeats itself, David Icke was recently accused of terrorism for organizing a public speech/presentation in Leicester. In my country the same repression is enforced by law: Dutchmen are not allowed to protest peacefully in public, youngsters are not allowed to gather in shopping areas, and more repression is under way … no more rights, only duties for the Dutch, in particular slaving in jobs and payback life long debts in the form of extremely high taxes and mortgages, only to have to right to be alive, LONG LIVE THE KING.

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