Koko’s Salt Water Taffy Liquid Candy: Blue Raspberry, Strawberry & Orange Review

This is a taste test/review of the Koko’s Salt Water Taffy Liquid Candy in three flavors including Blue Raspberry, Strawberry and Orange. They were mailed to us …


21 Replies to “Koko’s Salt Water Taffy Liquid Candy: Blue Raspberry, Strawberry & Orange Review”

  1. Yuck ! Don’t these companies taste test these things before putting them on the market? Novelty item for sure. Ill bet most end up in the trash. 😜

  2. Wow..that is the most visceral reaction I've seen you had to something.  Not even the garlic mashed potatoes in that MRE caused this much of a reaction.  Thank you so much again for this and to Mich Mich because if I saw these I would have bought them because I love Salt Water Taffy.

  3. Wow, this must be really bad! "terrible, vile, disgusting" You're usually so diplomatic. I always think you're just being polite when you say that you "don't care for" something.

  4. Taffy is supposed to be chewy, this stuff is a crime against candy! This has to be the most averse reaction I've ever seen from Tami though, hilarious how many times she drilled in the fact that it was BAD! 😂

  5. Might as well eat a spoonful of corn syrup lol! Sometimes I see liquid type candies at the dollar store, they never look appetizing, but most kids like anything that’s sweet lol!

  6. This turned into a public service announcement, don’t buy these! Lol. It’s like licking a rusty pipe, was my favourite review…..maybe they’ll use that in their advertising, rofl. Poor Tami, lol

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