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  1. Do you book the loads or can the other drivers book their own loads? I'll have my truck paid of in October. I'll probably be looking at other companies to lease on with. I'm based out of Phoenix az but leased on with a company out of Fargo ND.

  2. I enjoyed your video and I am in the process of trying to grow my business the same way. I do have questions about the irp registration and ifta would my company still need to apply for those?

  3. Love your pragmatic approach Ghost. Once you screen thru the scum bucket drivers, adding quality O/O to the mix can be a very viable and profitable revenue stream. Thank you for your time sir!

  4. Good morning Sir! I would like to speak with you and have a real true conversation about making business power moves! No bs…100% transparency and real…I’m currently generating on average 4500 to 5200 a week revenue with SCHN IC running hard 3 weeks out and 1 week off. I am hungry to do the numbers like 3300 take home and would even grind harder may stay out 4 weeks and then take time off needed, lol…I understand that each week is different but I also know that I’m a go getter and we could mutually benefit from being on the TEAM! So just to show that it’s no gimmicks…please give me a call 9253298013…yep from Cali too lived in 619 and the Bay Area Central Valley for hella long!!! Thank you and look forward to hearing from you! Much Respect!

  5. The OTR truck gross 6300.00 @ 90 percent would be 5,670.00 take home. How did you come up with the 3300.00 take home? Do you give them a credit card and then take the fuel out of their gross? Just wondering what I missed here.

  6. I tried calling the number you have on Facebook to see if you were still looking for owner operators but they told me I had a wrong number I know of a friend who has a truck but looking for someone to work for

  7. Hey Ghost!
    What is the best software to use for like a “all in one” one truck operation. You had a video on here about the one you use bit I cannot find it. The software you presented had factoring in it to so just let me know at your earliest convenience.


  8. These videos are on point!  I'm not a trucker but have been really enjoying them.  I started watching truck vids to learn more about backing up a work and travel trailer.  Keep up the good work.

  9. I was always under the assumption that the company with the MC number was the one who had to carry the auto liability insurance and that you could pass the cost on to the owner operator. I guess I have to look into this a little more. You might have taught me something new. I've had my authority for a few years now with a couple owner ops leased on.

  10. i remember passing by you bro 85N bound i remember your logo comn thru Carolina's
    Safe travels
    If you ever in 757 key down WildChild…
    # LeftLaneGang
    # Spreadaxle

  11. 90% of the load!!!! I'm completing my 3rd month at Prime INC after 1# yr of otr experience plans was to sign on with Landstar. (Change of plans) I can't wait to go to work for you youngblood. 90% of the load with new trailers! Be on the lookout Ghost I'll be heading over in a few months as a O/O….

  12. Keep doing what you doing Fam. It's not everyday you see someone in trucking that's not looking to get rich off of someone else's labor. They are helping others get on. Need more like you.

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