46 Replies to “Let’s Rebuild the Copart Salvage Nissan 350z and BURN RUBBER!”

  1. Paint that bad boy, you do it, what the hell, go for it, Rick from Michigan, enjoy watching,, but you guys paint, if it comes out poor, macco, is what 400 bucks, or leave the way u painted it,

  2. I'm not a car guy, most of my mistakes had to be redone after my repairs so I leave it up to those who can, like you. I had a question, when you buy and keep cars do you have to pay the taxes every time and the personal property tax too? I would appreciate it, the car looks good.

  3. Fuck off with your rude ass responses to your viewers, you're a straight up loser!! not watching your garbage videos after seeing your comments! ✌🖕

  4. Great job on the car, you are a good man. However, you missed out on a ton of views which is money for you, due to your lack of recording, editing and presenting sequences and progress in the proper order.

  5. We understand that its hard to install the body parts and film but you didn't film it the 1st time, you should set up a tripod at least and film it that way… not judging you just saying is all

  6. Looking at the progress….I feel placing back in the auction is a no go. Definitely a seller….worth fixing…absolutely! Hhhmmmm….a good color I feel would be black, white, or the original blue. PS…send it to the professionals for the paint…no mom and pop.

  7. A manual 1.6L drifts/donuts better than that god those automatics… 🤦🏻‍♂️ Good burnout tho a manual could burn some clutch alongside the tires lol.

  8. Hey little new to this, want to know when buying with a broker like auto bid master what copart fee applies to us. do we get business member fee A or B or do we get the consumer fee C or D?

  9. Car looks much better already.
    Its winter, so unless you are going to paint panels off the car in the warmth of the garage (do not forget ventilation) take it to a shop.

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