Leykis – Drowning in Debt

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19 Replies to “Leykis – Drowning in Debt”

  1. my ex-wife had student loan debt in the tune of 180,000. Her interest per month was $1200, and the student loan company only made her pay $900/month increasing her balance by $300 + 7% interest…it was literal quicksand.

  2. What makes me laugh is people with a good job and high student loan payments complain. They could be uneducated and work as a box boy or hotel maid and not owe a dime.

  3. That last woman and her husband with the $100k inheritance most likely have zero net worth because I’m sure he has racked up way more than that in debt.

  4. In the UK, Typical credit card interest rate is around 30 % The whole parasite industry is based on late payment and over limit fees, They want keeping the debt going for the rest of the debaters life, If you do start to pay it off, They offer more money, There was a scandal of charging £ 50 Even for a few pence short of a direct debit, So they cancel the payment and still charge you for it, The Law says the bank can only charge for administration in such cases, People refused to pay, The bank made fees on fees until it went up to £ 500 and more, Then they threatened debt collections, But when they countered taking the bank to Court, The bank withdrew there false claim, In the end the Government stepped in and reduced the fee, But the parasites made hundreds of millions during that time, But it cost the staff at local branches, People closed accounts or went online only on purpose, Local branches closed in their hundreds, So it`s the dole queue for them

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