Lourdes: A story of perseverance in Paraguay

Lourdes was only 18 when she says her world came crashing down around her. She had been working as a maid from the age of 14, contributing what little …


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  1. The money sounds so small, $2000 to save in one year? Then again I've never lived in Paraguay to understand the lifestyle. Great story, I didn't think that small loans like this could change someone's life.


  2. I pray- May God bless the people who began Kiva- the people receiving the loans- the people investing in their fellow man. In Jesus name! I pray you find Him. ❤️

  3. Kiva, I am inspired in so many ways! Feeling so overwhelmed with gratitude that you exist and I do recognize how much you continuously pay it forward. 🙂
    Bravo Lourdes :), you have broken the chain of poverty both mindset and actions. You have used your past as your fuel. The best thank you for Kiva, is your success 🙂 your happiness = success! Congratulations for learning what so many will never figure out 🙂 {{hugs}} ~~Woobie~~

  4. I am thrilled to be part of what Kiva brings to people all over the world. it is amazing to see what so little (from some people's standards) can do for so many who have Tremendous ambition and desire to grow from the situations they are in but until Kiva and micro loans didn't have the ability to take advantage of.
    I love being able to help through Kiva.

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