36 Replies to “Magic Chocolate Lava Cake by ANN REARDON HowToCookThat”

  1. I wish YouTube didn鈥檛 change the algorithm so Ann could keep making videos like this and not videos that YouTube thinks will make them the most money. You can tell this is what Ann loves doing.

  2. Comment your recent emojis all of them
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  3. Me when I鈥檓 young : ILL DO THIS WHEN IM OLDER AND HAVE MY OWN HOUSE !!!!!! 馃榿

    Me when I鈥檓 older : man this is good….too bad I鈥檓 not allowed to do it meh….I鈥檒l just order one online

    Man we鈥檝e come a long way…WE HAVE WIFI NOW AND TECHNOLOGY ( I wonder how kids entertained themselves back in the 18-19s

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