22 Replies to “Make Great YouTube Thumbnails for FREE with Google Drive”

  1. Thanks. I enjoyed and learned from this.

    Quick question. The image (being 1920 x 1080) is going to be an image covering the whole youtube viewing window, rather than a thumbnail, isn't it?

    If I am correct, one would need to scale the image down in order to make it a true thumbnail (or, given that it is a raster image, start with dimensions that one wants the actual thumbnail to be in order to avoid degradation of quality when resampling.

  2. speaking about the picture you are using, there is a thing called „copyright law“ and as this will be public, this could be an issue!

    As a photographer and content designer/creator I would be pissed off, if someone uses my work, to promote his stuff and probably also makes money with it!

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