32 Replies to “Make your HTC One an official Google Play edition in ten minutes | Pocketnow”

  1. I just bought this from a friend, i'm an iphone user and i'm glad I'll play on both worlds, i own a jailbroken i6 and now I'm going to learn how to root this m7 since it has too much spamware from t-mobile. Wish me luck guys!

  2. Can someone tell me what does;
    "boot loader" unlocked mean?
    how to install a "custom recovery" on my phone?
    What is an ADB setup?
    I'm sorry, I've been using Android for years but I'm not an "android geek". I want to install Google play edition on my HTC one

  3. To whoever bricked their phone, you deserve it for not reading properly. You need your phone to be S-OFF, or expect infinite reboot. If you didn't make a backup in case things went wrong (as you should have) then it is your fault.

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