41 Replies to “Malaysia wins the World Pastry Cup where”

  1. Their winning is all due to the BEST pork pies, pork skin breads, Austrian pork lard TRIPLE LAYERED chocolate cheesecake.


    WELLLL DONE MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Babes boleh!!!!

  2. Congrats.. i am malay i am so proud with this group chef from chinese malaysian, u make us "Malaysian' proud with you. sorry for my bad eng.

  3. Wonderful that the theme is vegan! There are many substitutes for butter, egg, and milk such as coconut oil, ground flax seeds, and almond milk. A vegan baker, Chloe Coscarelli even won the cupcake competition against all non-vegan bakers, so the taste, texture of vegan dessert is very much on par with traditional ones if done right. It’s better for our health, doesn’t exploit animals and much better for the environment.

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